Helvetia, WV
Pickens School

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Exterior Photo of Pickens School

Pickens School is nestled in a high mountain valley "just over the hill" from Helvetia and serves approximately 28 families from the Upshur County line to Sugar Grove Road to Nettle Run.

Approximately 36 students in grades K-12 attend the school which is staffed by 7 teachers 1 secretary, 1 cook, 1 custodian/water operator, and one bus driver. The Pickens School Web site provides a range of information about the school.

Because of the small student population, multiple grade levels are taught in 5 classrooms.  The grade configurations are K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-10, and 11-12. Pickens School also has a gymnasium, cafeteria, library, and computer lab. Students at all levels use the gym, cafeteria, and library. Pickens School has achieved a 1:1 ratio of students and computers with all students having access to laptops. Students in Grades 8-12 have their laptops 24 hours a day. Students in the lower grades have access while at school.

The roster Pickens School Alumni Roster can be viewed and downloaded as a PDF file.

The Local School Improvement Council's Annual Reports are available in video and text formats. These are a good way to learn about activities, achivements, goals, and plans at the school. These reports are available: